Biscotti and Cookies

A unique gift  | Treat yourself (or your customers)

Delicious with dessert wines & the perfect partner with coffee or tea


Biscotti, also called cantuccini, are toasty, slightly sweet cookies that are ‘twice baked’. It is this baking process that creates their distinctive texture. Traditionally served with sweet dessert wine, such as vin santo and baumes de venise, biscotti are also delicious with a cup of coffee or tea.

Crumbled biscotti make a delightful cheesecake crust, as well as a delicious topping for yoghurt, ice cream or pudding. Night Owl biscotti contain no fat other than eggs. Because they contain very little moisture, they stay fresh and crunchy for several months when stored in an airtight container.



Classic flavors  |  Simple ingredients

Night Owl cookies include American ‘lunchbox’ classics. They are made by hand in Groningen and contain no artificial color or additives.

If you have a favorite flavor or combination of ingredients not listed here, please let me know, and I can whip up a batch for you!

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